Arriving to Japan

I’ve left for Japan on a full moon, not a coincidence in  this case. I traveled to see my close friend to Ceske Budejovice, she was just about delivering her second child, visiting and running in to several other friends around the town in the mean while and having a good time. My trip to Prague where I’ve visited hacker space Brmlab again and stayed for the night with my friend was nice and smooth not like the last time when I’ve deposed all my belongings to a security box on the main railway station, locking unfortunately the box just next to it …


In the morning the transatlantic, transamerican and transpacific journey begone.  I left around half past six and I’ve boarded a plane later on which was a bit delayed which was just fine with me because I’ve been waiting patiently by a wrong gate … In Warsaw I’d to wait for 5 hours for the next flight and thanks to a “technical” complication we got another 6 hours of rest as a bonus. That resulted in arrival to JFK in New York around 2 am where I was picked by Nick Farr, guy behind the hackers on a plane. We spend a nice time in a local eastern European cafe/dining place called Vasilka and I did a bit of  update  work from his office. In he morning I took the subway and airtrain back to the JFK realizing how much is he New York subway out of date and dirty compared to the Europe (not even mentioning Japanese one, but I did not know anything about that yet). To no surprise the flight with Delta from JFK to Narita was on time and when we arrived (after 14 hours) the time on the airport clocks when I just left the airplane was exactly the one of the promised arrival.


The first Japanese “thing” which I’ve tried was the Japanese toilet, great experience, I just have to improve the wiping technique a bit. The immigration and customs went smooth partly because they did not know that I’ve just around $50 in my pocket. I’ve managed to get my train ticket from Narita to Shirokanedai and I lost it just once, however I’ve managed to get to the final destination. Looking for the Tokyo Hackerspace was not easy but I was successful at the end and I’ve spend really nice evening and night in that spot which turned out to be very comfortable. In the afternoon I’ve got with a great help a ticket from Tokyo to Okayama for some 5500 yen and I’m leaving just in few hours, enjoying a bit of t he night travel. I plan to hitchhike from Okayama to Kyushu and Oita, it should be around 450 km, so nothing major.


Well I’m enclosing some pictures so you can have a bit of better idea what I’m talking about. I can say that I like the place from the beginning, it is really great. I’ve never been in so different place compared to the spots where I’ve been living up to now and I’m really glad to be here, looking forward to hit the countryside and start to work on the language etc.


Anyway, I’ll keep in touch,


Have a great time,






~ by algoldor on January 15, 2012.

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