Traditional konnyaku jely preparation » IMG_5541

Continuous slow motion mixing of the konnyaku paste – the beginning.


2 Responses to “IMG_5541”

  1. please, where can I buy Konnyaku paste? thank you,

    gina bosworth

    • Hi Gina,
      My apologies for late reply. I wonder where are you based? In Japan you can get it anywhere, I’m now in South Korea and I have not seen it around but I did not look for it really. I’m quite sure it is around. If you are in USA, I think that one of the chances would be the shops in San Francisco’s Japanese town. One of them is quite big and they have wide variety of Japanese staff mostly imported directly from Japan. If you know someone around the Bay Area that may be an option, I’m quite sure they have it there.

      Let me know where you are based and I will try to have a look what would be the options. However please note, I’m now intensively working on a project of Food Hacking Base

      so for next two months my time will be limited but I will try to help.

      Best of luck with your hunt,

      Sincerely from Jeju,

      Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck

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